Harvest is complete and we are so happy to share our newest members with you! Today we are going to introduce our CBG – Opulent 2!

We take pride in growing the best possible Certified Organic Hemp for our customers. Small batches are the way we see it, so we can take extra time with each plant and make sure it gets exactly what it needs from start to finish.

Opulent 2 is a premium genetic, USDA Complaint, and Certified Organic.

Its fruity taste makes it different from other CBG strains. It starts with a sweet berry/cherry flavor inhale and finishes with a pineapple exhale.

  • Did you know CBG is 1 of 120 Identified Cannabinoids found in the Cannabis plant?
  • CBG-A is the acidic form of CBG and it breaks down to form CBG when heated.

Shown above is a photo of a “Cola” from our 2020 Harvest. The chart below is our latest testing results. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.