CBD is a Cannabidiol (1 of 113 found in the cannabis plant) Discovered in 1940 (C21H30O2) Non- Psychoactive.

Helps with: Calming, Pain, Stress, Anti-Inflammatory, Sleep and Epilepsy

“Cannabis produces CBD-Carboxylic acid through the same metabolic pathway as THC, Until the next to last step, where CBDA synthase performs catalysis instead of THCA synthase” – Wikipedia


Cannabigerol is 1of 120 Cannabinoid compounds in the Cannabis Plant (C21H32O2).

Helps with: Inflammation, Pain, Nausea, “Slows Proliferation of cancer cells” Cresco Labs, Anxiety and Depression.

“Cannabigerol is the non-acidic form of cannabigerolic acid, the parent molecule from which other cannabinoids are synthesized. Cannabigerol is a minor constituent of cannabis.” – Wikipedia