What is craft hemp?

Craft hemp flower is a new area of the hemp industry that focuses on growing the flowers (buds) of the cannabis sativa plant rather than growing hemp for biomass.

Is Hemp Legal?

Yes, our hemp is 100% legal.  In 2018 a farm bill was introduced to federally legalize Hemp. It must have .3% or less THC in all strains.

Does it get you high?

No, there is not enough THC in hemp for that effect.  There are zero psychoactive properties. A great way to look at it is, the small amount of THC activates the other medicinal benefits.

Is Smoking Flower better than taking Oil?

That is totally up to you. Hemp Flower is the most virgin pure form of the plant. Once it is processed it does loose some of the natural terpenes and there are additives to make it sublingual.

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