3rd Party Testing is very important in today’s hemp market. Especially with how many products can be made from it. We make sure to thoroughly test quality, purity and potency to deliverer the best CBD and CBG craft flower not only in Vermont but in the United States.  We take pride in our small limited batches to make sure we provide the best flower possible.

Lab testing is very important to us. We thrive to grow the highest quality “Organic Craft Hemp” there is to offer. Watching the cycle very carefully; we start testing when the plant starts to flower. We test our plants every 1 to 2 weeks to keep the consistency and watch the different levels of CBD, CBG and THC.  Compliance plays a key factor in the entire process.

We make sure we do a full panel of testing. That includes: Potency, Terpenes, Pesticides, Residual Solvents, Mold, Fungus, Bacteria, Heavy Metals and Mycotoxins.