Organic certification is very important to us.  Not all hemp is grown the same and we wanted to make sure we could produce the purest craft hemp CBD and CBG that you can taste and feel the difference. Only a few Vermont Hemp farmers qualify to become Cerified Organic. There are many steps we need to take. One main component to organic certification is crop rotation. We make sure our soil is rich with the proper nutrients and prepared properly to bring you the highest quality CBD and CBG. Everything from seed to sale is recorded so you can see every step of the way is organic and 100% natural.

  1. Less than 20% of Vermont Hemp farms are Organic Certified.
  2. Green Mountain Buds is one of the first CBG Craft Hemp Organic Certified in Vermont.
  3. In 2019 there were 150,654 acres of certified organic production.
  4. Certified Organic Hemp alone in Vermont only has 1,273 acres approved.
  5. Last year the gross sales for Vermont Certified organic processors were $223,345,744.00

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