I sampled each of the strains and they were each an experience of their own. I used Lifter and the Midwest Hybrid during the day to help with pain relief from my recent surgery. Then used Cherry Wine and Special Sauce at night to unwind and get a great night’s rest.

Casey D.
Brooklyn, New York

All Strains give you a nice relaxed feeling. I would say the Cherry Wine is my favorite of the four because it helps most with my Anxiety.

Samantha D.
Oxford, Michigan

Green Mountain Buds lifter is my favorite. It helps me with my anxiety during the day, without making me sleepy, but still relaxed

Basil G.
Camden, Maine

It took me a while to find Craft Hemp that tasted as good as it looked, Green Mountain Buds hit it out of the park, not only do they have one great-tasting and effective but Multiple! I loved trying the Variety Pack.

Margi B.
Syracuse, New York

I love how cute and secure the box was of the pre-rolls. It’s waterproof so I could take it down the river for a fun day of rafting. After dropping it in the water I also noticed it floats! Win-win situation, and the smoke was amazing, thank you Green Mountain Buds for making my day.

Julie C.
Straton, Vermont